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Lotte Hotel Seattle

Privacy Policy

Hotel Lotte Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “LOTTE Hotels”) places great importance on the personal information of LOTTE Hotels customers, “collects, uses, and provides personal information based on consent,” and “actively guarantees the rights of users (self-determination of personal information)”.
LOTTE Hotels complies with all applicable laws, privacy regulations and guidelines that LOTTE Hotels is obliged to comply with.

1. Collecting personal information

LOTTE Hotels collects the minimum amount of personal information required for service provision.
In order to provide the following services, we collect the minimum amount of personal information through our website or using a paper form when customers sign up for membership or use a service.

Data subjects without a membership may use certain features, such as hotel search and viewing news articles, as members do. When a data subject signs up for membership to use a personalized or membership service, such as membership rate reservation, LOTTE Hotels shall collect the minimum amount of personal information required for service use.

The personal information LOTTE Hotels collects from data subjects at the time they sign up for membership online (Rewards membership) is as follows.

“Name (English), country, date of birth, contact information, e-mail, ID, and password” are required information. If a data subject is under 19 years of age, he or she may not sign up for membership. “Name in Korean” is collected as an optional item.
The methods we use to collect personal information are as follows.

When collecting personal information we obtain an informed consent from the User in advance, using the following methods.
- Collecting information directly entered by the User who consents to the collection of personal information when signing up for membership or using a service.
- Personal information may be provided by our service provider partners or an organization, etc.
- Information collection via websites, app pages, fax, phone, etc. in the course of service consultation.
- Information collection from those participating in online and offline promotional events, etc.
- Collecting information on payments and transaction of points, etc. generated during service use

The personal information collected from a data subject during service use is as follows.

Additional personal information may be collected only from data subjects who use specific services, such as individual services within LOTTE Hotels, or when they participate in promotional events. When collecting personal information, we inform data subjects, at the time of collection, of the “items of personal information to be collected”, the “purpose of collection and use of personal information”, the “retention period of personal information”, and the “right to refuse to provide personal information and disadvantages associated with the refusal” and obtain consent.

2. Use of personal information

We use the minimum amount of personal information as described below on our website, in our individual membership programs, etc. during the membership sign-up process and service use.

- Personal identification, checking the intention to sign up for membership, identity and age verification, prevention of misuse, membership management
 · Verification of whether a child is under 14 years of age, or verification of personal identification at the time a legal representative exercises his/her rights
(In principle, LOTTE Hotels does not collect any personal information from children under 14 years of age.)
- Provision of services, handling inquiries or complaints, and delivery of notifications
- Personal identification, purchases and payments, and product and service delivery required for provision of a paid service
- Used for marketing and promotion purposes, such as providing information on events, opportunities for participation, and advertisement information
- Provision of existing services such as content (including advertisements), and recommending personalized content based on the user’s demographic characteristics, interests, preferences, and propensity
- Used for service improvement, as in the case of service usage records, access frequency, statistics on service usage, and customer satisfaction.
- Prevention and sanctions against activities that interfere with the smooth operation of the service (including theft and fraudulent use of the account)

3. Provision and consignment of personal information

LOTTE Hotels does not provide personal information of a data subject to a third party without his/her consent, or except as required by law.

Personal information is provided as follows for service partnership.

LOTTE Hotels does not provide personal information to a third party without prior consent from the data subject. However, if the data subject has consented to the provision of personal information for the purpose of using the services of chain LOTTE Hotels, partner companies, etc., personal information is provided to third parties.

4. Destruction of Personal Information

In principle, LOTTE Hotels destroys personal information without delay upon membership withdrawal. However, in the event that separate consent is obtained for the retention period for personal information by the data subject, as in the case of Section 1 (Collection of Personal Information) above, or if we are legally obligated to keep personal information for a certain period, we shall keep it securely for said period.

Personal information for which the purpose of collection and use has been achieved, such as membership withdrawal, service termination, and the maturity of the personal information retention period agreed upon by the data subject, is destroyed in a manner that does not allow the information to be reproduced. Information that is legally obligated to be retained for a certain period is also destroyed in a manner that does not allow its reproduction, without delay after the expiration of the period.

Electronic files are securely deleted using technologies and methods to prevent restoration and reproduction, and printouts, etc., are destroyed using methods such as shredding or incinerating.

LOTTE Hotels stores the personal information of online members who have not used LOTTE Hotels services for more than one year separately from other information.

5. Rights and obligations of data subjects and their legal representatives and how to exercise them

Data subjects (members and their legal representatives) may view or correct their personal information at any time and request withdrawal or termination of consent. In the event that a data subject makes a request to correct an error in their personal information, such information is not be used or provided until the correction is made. If incorrect personal information was provided to a third party, LOTTE Hotels shall forward the edited information to the third party to ensure the edits are made. Download form

- Rewards members may view or modify their personal information or withdraw their membership on My Page on our website. If you would like to receive an e-mail and/or a call, please e-mail us at or call us at 02-759-7671-3, and we will verify your identity and provide you with the necessary information.
- Should you make a request in person at a hotel or over the phone, you may view, modify, delete, or suspend processing of your personal information after verifying your identity. Please check Contact information for each branchon our website.
- Please contact us at privacy@lotte.netfor inquiries regarding personal information protection, and we will guide you after verifying your identity.
- In the event that it is difficult for a data subject to exercise his/her rights, he/she may authorize a legal representative, and LOTTE Hotels may verify the legitimacy of the legal representative.
(A power of attorney according to Form No. 11 of the Public Notification on the Method of Processing Personal Information must be submitted.) Download form
- Your rights to request the suspension of the viewing or processing of your personal information may be restricted by applicable laws and regulations.

See details on how to exercise your rights to refuse to consent to the transmission of advertising information

- To unsubscribe from e-mail notifications: Click Unsubscribe at the bottom of the e-mail
- To unsubscribe from text notifications (SMS, LMS, MMS): Click the contact information for text notification unsubscribing at the bottom
- To unsubscribe via our website: Edit Member Information > Consent/Decline to Request for Use for Marketing
- To unsubscribe via the App: App Settings > Consent/Decline to Request for Marketing (Advertisement) Push Notifications
Android: Settings > Google > Advertisements > Disable Personalized Ads
iOS: Settings > Privacy > Advertisements > Restrict Ad Tracking

6. Operation and use of cookies, such as Internet access files

We use cookies to ensure faster, more convenient website use for users of our website and to provide personalized services.

What are cookies?
Cookies are very small text files that are stored on the user’s PC by the user's web browser when the user accesses a website. .

LOTTE Hotels uses cookies for the following purposes:

- To utilize them as an index of target marketing and service reshuffling by analyzing the access frequency, visit hours, etc. of members and non-members and by understanding their preferences and interests.
- To track information about and services of LOTTE hotels that users viewed and showed an interest in, to provide personalized services on their next visit.
- To verify the extent of members’ participation and visit times in various events hosted by LOTTE Hotels, in order to offer specific opportunities for entry, and to provide individualized information according to their individual interests.
- Users have the option to install cookies. In this way, users may allow all cookies, allow or block cookies individually whenever stored, or block the storage of all cookies by using the settings option in their web browser. However, a user who chooses not to install cookies may experience inconvenience in using the website and have difficulty using some services that require login.
How to choose settings to allow or disallow cookies

1. Internet Explorer: Tools menu at the top of the web browser > Internet options > Personal information > Settings
2. Chrome: Settings menu on the right side of the web browser > Display advanced settings at the bottom of the screen > Personal information > Settings

7. Measures to ensure the security of personal information

LOTTE Hotels makes the following efforts to safely manage the personal information of data subjects.

- We establish and implement internal management plans for personal information protection.
We establish internal management plans for personal information, including matters related to the operation of personal information protection such as designation of a privacy officer, etc., and annually check whether these internal management plans are being implemented properly.
- We take access control and access authority restriction measures for personal information.
In order to block illegal access to personal information, we have established and implemented standards for granting, modifying, canceling, etc. access to personal information handling systems, and we have installed and operate intrusion prevention systems and intrusion detection systems. In addition, we reduce the possibility of information leaks in personal information processing systems, by separating the external Internet network and the intranet for work PCs of employees authorized to download personal information.
- We take encryption measures to safely store and transmit personal information.
Passwords, unique identification information, account numbers, card numbers, etc., are encrypted and stored as prescribed by laws and regulations. In addition, personal information is safely sent and received over the network through encrypted communication, etc.
- Measures are taken to store personal information access records and prevent forgery or alteration.
Personal information handlers maintain records of access in the personal information handling system, and the relevant access records are kept securely so that the personal information handlers’ access records are not forged, altered, stolen, or lost.
- We install and update security programs for personal information.
To prevent damage to personal information, the data is backed up frequently, and the latest antivirus software is used to prevent users’ personal information or data from being leaked or damaged.
- We take physical measures to safely store personal information
To prevent personal information from being leaked or damaged by hacking or computer viruses, etc., systems are set up in the areas with restricted access from outside, and access control procedures are established and operated.

8. Privacy Officers

LOTTE Hotels appoints privacy officers as follows to protect members’ personal information, to collect their opinions and handle complaints about such information:

- Chief Privacy Officer (CPO): Marketing Team Leader, 02-771-1000,
- Privacy Manager: RM Team Leader, 02-771-1000,
If you need damage relief or require a consultation regarding an infringement of personal information, you may contact the following organizations:

- Privacy Infringement Report Center: 118 without area code,
- Privacy Dispute Mediation Committee: 1833-6972 without area code,
- Cyber Crime Investigation Unit at the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office: 1301 without area code,
- National Police Agency Cyber Crime Investigation Office: 182 without area code,

9. Duty to Notify

This Privacy Policy was established on July 1, 2008, and any addition to, deletion of, and modification to the Policy made in accordance with changes to laws, regulations, policies or security technologies, will be announced on the website of our main office.

- Initial notification date: July 01, 2008

- Publication Date: April 29, 2021

- Effective Date: April 29, 2021

The above LOTTE Hotels Privacy Policy takes effect as of April 29, 2021.

Date of change of announcement date: July 1, 2008

Date of Change: November 1, 2012

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Date of Change: April 29, 2021

Notification date : April 29, 2021