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Health & Safety

Stay Safe

LOTTE HOTEL SEATTLE is committed to provide a clean and safe environment for our guests. As part of the brand’s global “Clean Care” initiative, the hotel has implemented extensive operational guidelines, procedures and hygiene practices for the safety of our guests. 

Public Spaces

  • Thermographic cameras are stationed at the hotel's entrance
  • All guests and visitors are required to have their temperature taken upon entering the hotel and fill out a medical questionnaire upon check-in
  • Electrostatic sprayers are used 24 hours a day
  • Social distancing signage are placed throughout the hotel
  • Face coverings are required in all public areas
  • High touch points such as elevator buttons, door handles, check-in counters, bell desks, bathrooms, ATMs, escalators and stair railings are frequently cleaned and sanitized
  • Elevators are limited to 4 guests at a time


  • Pre-placed in each room, a "Safety Kit" includes a reusable mask, hand sanitizer wipes, gloves, button pusher and a LOTTE pen
  • "Clean Seal" to ensure room has been disinfected, inspected, and ready for guest use
  • Small handhelds given to room inspectors to provide final sanitization of room pre-arrival
  • All linen and laundry are replenished daily, washed at a high temperature in accordance with CDC guidelines by an outsourced vendor. Used linen will be bagged during transfer to prevent excess contact during transportation. 
  • In the event of a COVID-19 case, room will be removed from service and quarantined. Room will not return to service until case has been confirmed or cleared


  • All employees are required to have their temperature checked every day prior to shift start and sign off that they have read COVID guidelines and show no sign of symptoms.
  • Reminder to employees of the proper way to wear, handle and dispose of Personal Protective Equipment, wash hands, and avoid touching their faces. 
  • COVID-19 Training
  • Increased cleaning frequency in office areas focusing on employee entrances, uniform rooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, staff restrooms, loading docks, offices, kitchens, security, employee relations and training classrooms.
  • Shared tools and equipment are sanitized before, during and after each shift or anytime equipment is transferred to a new employee.